Getting Advice From Us

How Citizens Advice advisers can help

There are a number of different ways that Citizens Advice advisers can help people to resolve a problem. Advisers don’t tell clients what to do, but explain their options and the possible outcomes of different courses of action. Clients are encouraged to make their own decisions and act on their own behalf. We enable clients to manage their own problems by focusing on their needs as individuals.

Citizens Advice advisers, most of whom are trained volunteers can:

  • interview clients face-to-face and by phone to find out what the problem(s) are

  • access our regularly updated electronic information database for up to the minute information

  • help clients to negotiate with companies or service providers such as creditors or to appeal against decisions, for example, welfare benefit claims

  • write letters or phone companies and service providers on behalf of clients

  • help clients to prioritise their problems, for example, to sort out which debts are most important

  • help clients with form filling, for example, to claim for welfare benefits

  • refer clients to CAB specialist caseworkers for complex problems or to other agencies when appropriate.

What Should I Bring With Me?

To save time it would be helpful if you brought as much information as possible relating to your enquiry. Depending on your enquiry, details on the following may be useful:

  • letters

  • dates

  • contracts

  • agreements

  • receipts

  • correspondence